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Scary Redneck
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The walk is nearly a 1/2 mile through buildings,
up & down hills in the woods and could be too
strenuous for those who may be out of shape! 
Please make sure to wear proper footwear
for the hike. 

High heels, sandals & flip flops are NOT
proper footwear!



cash only!

 $25 For Camp Blood & The Barn
$35 To Include Monster Orbeball Shoot


Ticket prices are $25 per living body on Friday & Saturday nights and $20 on Thursday nights.  Prices include not only the nearly 1/2 mile Camp Blood trail but also "The Barn".  We don't recommend the show for kids under 12

(but that is up to the parents discretion)

Kids 5 and under are free.   

There is a $5 parking fee per vehicle. (CASH ONLY!)

When you purchse your general admission, you will be given a poker chip with a letter on it.  This is your ticket into the haunt.  You then enter the compound where there are things to do while you wait for your letter to be called to enter the haunt.

Late in the season, sometimes the wait can be up to 3 HOURS so you may be interested in purchasing a SCREAM PASS!!

If you don't have time to wait on your letter to be called, you can purchase a Scream Pass for $20 and go STRAIGHT to the front of the line to enter the haunt! (after we go over the safety guidelines first of course)

Our Money Back Guarantee!

If you don't make it out alive, we'll refund your money to your next of kin!

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