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Redneck Zombie

Home of Haunted Hillbillies & Dead Rednecks!

33 Years of Redneck Humor & Horror!

Camp Blood - 2277 Whooping Creek Road, Carrollton, Ga  30116


1) TICKETS - Tickets purchased at the box office are for CASH ONLY.  We do NOT accept credit forms of payment.  This includes payment options such as Cash App.   We do NOT offer refunds so please don't ask.
As it gets later in the season, the wait time may be as long as 
3 hours to enter the haunt once you enter the compound.
(If you purchase your tickets online you STILL have to exchange them for a pokerchip at the box office AND YOU MUST BRING YOUR I.D. AND THE CREDIT CARD YOU USED TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS!)
2) PARKING - We are located in the COUNTRY!  We have a few people parked in front of Camp Blood who are handicap volunteers but our customers must park in the FIELD ABOVE Camp Blood, so please use COMMON SENSE when picking the vehicle you arrive in.  Carroll County DOES NOT allow roadside parking and they WILL TOW vehicles parked on the road!!!!
There is a $5 parking fee per vehicle
to provide extra security for our patrons and for field use.

3) We THANK YOU for your patronage and 
all the support we have received over the 
past 32 years!  God Bless you all!

Check out our Lowell paintball facility, click here!
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